The Invisible Presence . . . Back at it Again!

First off, all of us at The Invisible Presence would like to take a moment to wish everyone well during this time. It has indeed been a scary and isolating sequence of events during this pandemic – with many of us cut off from each other and in fear of contracting COVID-19 – and that has no doubt affected us as a band as well.

However, seeing that a stable presence as a band and as a project devoted to the works of Philip K Dick could help to bring fans of both us and sci-fi together in community and distract from the situation, we have embarked upon a new quest to deliver to you as a project. And we are happy to announce that you might be hearing new music from us soon!

This last Tuesday we made time from our hectic schedules to gather together virtually as a band, and we are all eager to get back to work, both for our own sakes and for you! We discussed where we currently are musically, as well as what we can accomplish both in the studio and with engaging you: the fan. As well as making significant progress planning out the next few months, we also came to a stark conclusion . . .

Perhaps “The Invisible Presence” has been living a little too much up to its name . . . that is, we wish to be more engaging and dare we say “visible” about us and our project, which is just as much your project as a loyal follower!

So we have decided to take the initiative and revamp our experience for all of our followers on Facebook, Instagram, and this website. Expect more engaging written content alongside our usual content. Also we are always open to hearing what you may want . . . feel free to leave us a comment on any platform telling us what you may desire to see from The Invisible Presence experience. More commentary? More interactive experiences? More stunning sci-fi? Or all of the above?

Get ready to mark a new era and a new beginning for our project as you know it. What we wish is that especially in this time our messages ring true, our fans find a place of belonging and entertainment, and that we may all learn about these awesome science fiction stories together!

For those interested in Philip K Dick, Science Fiction in general, music, and new innovative ways of storytelling, please follow along and share with anyone interested, because you have found your home!

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