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Stories as innovative as those by Philip K. Dick have a tendency to inspire future generations to continue their legacy. Thus, the pen found its way into the hands of Italian musician and songwriter Marco Germani, who decided to combine his passion for the stories with his passion for music and create The Invisible Presence. With a signature sound inspired by recent progressive rock greats and a love for any instrument that at least somewhat resembles a guitar, he now leads his crew on a journey like never before. 

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No musical vision of a sci-fi, dystopian future would ever be complete without that haunting voice that weaves melodies into the mind like echoes of what is to come. Audun Liland tops off the instrumental and lyrical performances of the project by bringing just that to the table, creating the place where the story meets the song and re-telling these classic tales like no other before him. And for those who let him guide them through these dark and twisted visions, they will surely not be disappointed.

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The heart, the rhythm, and the soul of our songs, Marco Scippacercola is a highly skilled bassist who will follow you along for the ride and will see to it that it is an unforgettable one. From the subtle touches that he adds to every instrumental to the moments when he is truly let loose, every ear will take notice of the musical knowledge that he brings to the equation. If you are looking for a bassist who doesn’t just simply “add his parts,” but brings an entirely new dynamic to his songs, then you have found your guy!    

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The rhythmic support given by Marco's low end is completed by Gabriele's drums. A powerful drumming, mixing the Rock style with numerous influences from the most varied musical genres. Gabriele uses his rhythmic-musical knowledge to create a flow that best supports the harmonic-melodic development and the pathos of our songs.

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Stefano Bonatti is a well-trained keyboardist who ever since the age of fourteen has developed a lifelong passion for the instrument. The unique atmosphere he brings to each song is unrivaled, with every note adding a new shade to the story as it comes alive before your eyes. And though he was not an initial member of the founding line-up of the band, he has definitely made his mark and it is safe to say he would be very hard to replace. The soul and pure emotion of PKD’s stories in many songs is dependent on what he brings to the table.  

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When The Invisible Presence began, founder Marco Germani knew that the task of transforming these creative and original tales into a creative and original format was going to be a hard one. He needed a lyricist who could carry this burden, and balance authenticity with keeping things interesting. Mike Mantecon is a very accomplished songwriter who has shown that he has what it takes, without any musical knowledge, to hold his own and contribute brilliant ideas for a group of experienced musicians.


Here is our Lady of the stars. Lady Valentina.

She contributes to the project with her dense and harmonious voice, that perfectly suits the sound of Audun.

She has a 10 year long experience in theatre, singing musicals as a member of the choir, strictly live. This project gives her the chance to make a step forward to reach the center of the stage!

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