Science Fiction with a Twist

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

If you explore the world of Philip K. Dick – whether through his famous stories or through our recreation of them in song – you will discover that these strange visions don’t quite fit the thematic mold of your everyday “science fiction.” Sure, they happen in futuristic worlds with futuristic technology, but there has always been a bit more to these writings than your average Star Trek/Star Wars blockbuster space adventure. Living in the shadow of total nuclear war in the 1950’s, a curious and philosophical mind used the medium of science fiction, in fact, to share what he believed was the apocalyptic destiny of humankind – and how it could be avoided. And even as the cold war is growing more and more distant from us as a society, his writings still bring up very important – and still relevant – questions about human nature.

This is why us here at The Invisible Presence project like to refer to the unique genre of PKD as “science fiction with a twist.” We could have chosen so many authors to transform into music, but from the very beginning these works stuck out to us as a project, and still continue to inspire us. Within the pages of our collection of stories, we travel through the future to witness the death of humankind, conflicts that shape the direction of an entire galaxy’s population, and minds that have been corrupted by the almost primeval lust – that we as humans have – to fight each other. We visit alien lands and witness the long-term effects of our own actions and decisions on the rest of the universe. What makes this all different from your average sci-fi story is not the subject matter, but the theme and moral to the story.

Philip K. Dick’s works always have a similar ending – that the actions of mankind, or even just one man – can have their consequences. We may not realize this as we go about our daily work or talk about what’s been happening in the world, but the decisions that we make can make a huge difference in the entire scheme of things. The question is – will we listen to what our great minds and authors have to say about ourselves in the greater scheme of things?

We are The Invisible Presence, and we hope you grow in intellect and knowledge through the stories we have made into song. Perhaps this science fiction “with a twist” will even speak to your own life, and how you view the world; what could be more exciting than that?


The Invisible Presence

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