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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

If you are wondering what this site is about or who we are, you can say we are simply a group of songwriters and artists united together on a mission. Coming from all walks of life and various locations on the planet, our hope is to relay the stories and messages of one of the 20th century’s great writers to our 21st century world. And actually, before you can ask who we are, you need to ask the question, “Who was Philip K. Dick?”

If you did a quick Google search and told us that he is a famous science fiction author, then you’d be correct. But to box him into that definition would be a great injustice to his lifetime of achievements. Riddled with philosophical and metaphysical musings, his works have even been considered eerie reflections of our own reality, with stories that explore topics of war, innovation and its consequences, and how technology intersects with morality. Sure enough, the revelance of these stories to our lives has definitely increased in the last few decades, which make his writings both fascinating and important reads.

Which is where The Invisible Presence intends to come in. We – as what you could partly call a “band” – seek to take advantage of the resurging interest in Philip K. Dick to create a movement filled with collective engagement of artists around the globe and a new visual and musical experience into these stories like never before. We started off as just a musician and a lyricist, but we are constantly expanding and looking for help to make our vision a reality.

Though we defy the limits of a traditional band, we are definitely in part a virtual musical collaboration. With a high level of autonomy and control over our songwriting process, we use modern software and online technology to both communicate and create our music. We also, along with creating a collaborative effort, want to create a community of like-minded individuals who are not just ordinary “fans” but get a high degree of interaction and connection to the project itself. Or, if you just want to relax and enjoy the adventure, that is perfectly OK as well!

If you are already interested, then be assured that there is a lot more to come! Look out for new songs and new opportunities to get to know us, and feel free to contact us while you’re at it if you have anything on your mind or just want to say hello. Thank you for checking us out.


The Invisible Presence

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