Let us introduce the Invisible Presence


Philip K. Dick and his writings are not just a household name in the realm of science fiction; indeed, his philosophical and metaphysical musings have touched the hearts and minds of those around the world and across generations. And with messages that are revelant now in the 21st century more than ever, one may look at his countless novels and short stories as reflections of our own reality.


No more evident is the worldwide influence of this famous writer, though, than by the collaborative efforts of The Invisible Presence, a group of musicians and artists spanning the globe who have come together for one purpose. And in our increasingly globalized society, it is important now more than ever to find platforms to share and relate the wisdom of modern history’s great minds to modern times.


Opposing the structure and the methods of a “traditional” band, this group of songwriters is constantly expanding and looking for the collective engagement of creative minds around the world, to expose those both new and unfamiliar to a exciting adventure into the mind of one of the 20th century’s greats. Using modern technology and innovative new ways of songwriting, the current cast ranges in residence from Los Angeles to Norway, and is always open to visual, musical, and otherwise artistic contributions. The main goal of this project is to bring to life a fantastic universe filled with problems and scenarios all too similar to our own.


We invite you to take a step further and discover this world, this journey, and this thrilling experience of the mind. If you already know the writings of Philip K. Dick, we bring you a project like no other. But if you are new to his works, you can be assured you’ll uncover an entire universe you never even knew existed..

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