Working on a second release!

Already working on a new release. This time we will focus our work completely on Blade Runner! We are excited about this new adventure but at the same time a little scared! Confronting oneself with such a masterpiece always makes one's wrists tremble a little. Our plans are to publish the new work by the end of the year.

This time we would like to involve all those who will be pleased to read us and follow us in our process of creation and collaboration. How do we write our songs? How do we communicate without ever having the chance to meet? Our virtual recording studio "Deja-Vu Anomaly Studio" and the tools we use. And again, what themes are we developing for our songs? And all the drawings that continually come to us from you, our beloved followers!

Ready to get started? Follow us here on our website and on our social pages ... Facebook and Instagram!

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