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Loosely based on 
“God is dead,' Nick said. 'They found his carcass in 2019 floating in space near Alpha.' 
'They found the remains of an organism advanced several thousand times over what we are,' Charley said. 'And evidently could create habitable worlds and populate them with living organisms, derived from itself. But that doesn't prove it was God.”

Most modern day beliefs in God do not hold him existing physically within the physical universe, but imagine for a second that the creator of this world, this life, and all we hold dear was actually a highly advanced organism, floating around somewhere in the cosmos. And then imagine, that with advanced space-age technology, we found out that this creature had somehow ceased to exist; just a carcass floating admist the many star systems of our galaxy. Although this is just a microscopic portion of the novel, it is a fascinating concept and one that, while possibly controversial at its time, provides many interesting questions.

“The Dying God” lets the listener see through the eyes of this extraterrestrial being, and feel emotions that would probably be way more advanced and intense than ours, given the situation. Imagine being a God that was dying somewhere in space. At the day of their death, I'm sure most people would like to look back at what legacy they'd left behind and be proud. Well, this advanced life form was looking back at its creation, with all memories and everything else beginning to fade away. And its creation is totally unaware of its suffering, but he is aware of them. To think,knowing the often dystopian visions of the future by Philip K Dick, of what this dying God was looking down upon,

makes you think that “proud” wouldn't be the first thing that comes to mind.

And if there was such thing as this organism, living somewhere in space, dying whilst looking down upon us, what legacy would we want to create for our creator?

Let's hope that it’s a world much different from the one detailed in the novel in question.

Floating alone in space

Used to create lifeforms with my bare hands

Now I'm dying

(I've) Tried to find the reason for my life

Now I'm dying


Memories crash in

as I begin

to falter


What’s real now

as I begin

to falter


All but unaware

Is my creation

As, deep in space

I have faltered

Never mind me, world

You are forgiven

Never mind me, love

You are all forgiven

Floating here in space

Somewhere near Alpha

You'll find my remains

Sincerely yours, the Dying God

LYRICS: Mike Mantecon, Audun Liland

VOCALS: Audun Liland

DRUMS: Daniele Crisafulli

BASS: Marco Scippacercola

GUITARS: Marco Germani

KEYS/SYNTHS: Stefano Bonatti

PRODUCTION: Marco Germani

MIXING: Marco Germani

MASTERING: Marco Germani

ARTWORK: The Invisible Presence

CORE IMAGES: Peter Forster & Dino Reichmuth


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