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It is probably safe to say, that in the world of Philip K. Dick, there is nothing safe to say. Many Science Fiction writers thrill us with tales of distant worlds, and many more have added dystopian twists to these surreal visions. But the works of PKD go far beyond the wonders and horrors of the distant future. In fact, they delve into the wonders and horrors of reality and the mind, telling stories of dangers that may indeed be amplified by futuristic technologies and problems, but are in no way unique to the future. They truly and wholly serve as a summary of our past, nightmare to our present, and warning about what is yet to be.


The Invisible Presence is a project based off the unconventional and ground-breaking writings of Philip K. Dick, so at our core we strive to embody those characteristics ourselves. Though the main group of musicians involved may be considered by common standards as a band, we attempt to defy the traditional limits of ordinary musical collaboration.

We live and work as members of this project virtually, spanning the globe in residence from California to Norway, and use the “futuristic” technologies of the internet to collaborate and communicate. At the center of our focus is that the philosophies and stories of PKD are worth telling to both those familiar and unfamiliar, and have very important morals to learn from in an increasingly futuristic 21st century. 

Introducing: The Invisible Presence
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A combination of powerful messages straight from the heart of Philip K.Dick and a unique musical and artistic experience sure to bring it all to life for the listener, The Invisible Presence is a project like no other! Journey into these timeless classics like never before and witness a vision of the future that is all too similar to our own, perhaps even warning us of what is to come.

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“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” 
Philip K. DickVALIS

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