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“Olham was trembling. His teeth chattered. He looked from the knife to the body. ‘This can't be Olham,’ he said. His mind spun, everything was whirling. ‘Was I wrong?’ He gaped. ‘But if that's Olham, then I must be –' 
He did not complete the sentence, only the first phrase. The blast was visible all the way to Alpha Centauri.” 

There is a certain type of phobia characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia called Capgras delusion, in which a person is constantly paranoid that their loved ones have been all replaced by identical impostors. Imagine for a moment a world where that fear was not the result of a mental disorder, but an ever-present reality – this is the world that we find ourselves thrust into with this classic work by Philip K. Dick. Our protagonist Spence Olham has been accused of not being who he thinks he is, but rather a dangerous alien weapon that has been programmed to infiltrate Earth and destroy it. When he tries to speak what he knows to be the truth, he is even told that this weapon would be programmed to have the same memories as Olham and not even know that it wasn’t human. Throughout this thrilling journey, Spence needs to prove that he is not the Impostor and that the whole situation is a result of what has been failed to be seen. But the chilling reality is that he doesn’t even know whether he really is who he thinks he is. 

The lyrics to our rendition start off as saying, “Between/The truth and what we see/There lies the casualty/Of what we’ve become.” Of what we’ve become – not just what has become of Olham, but what desperate times turn people in general into. And while in the end of this story Olham realizes who he really is and destroys the Earth along with himself, there is no denying that the humans in the story should have seen this coming. Blinded to the reality of it all – as in all of PKD’s war stories – mankind eventually destroys itself, whether by planetary nuclear war, intergalactic war, or in this case, the war within their very minds. And just as there is always a paranoia within the minds of mankind in this story that turns out to be true, maybe we should pay closer attention to the “Impostor” within our own minds, or in other words: what we become between the truth and what we see.  


The truth and what we see 

There lies the casualty  

Of what we’ve become 

They’ve hidden their secret weapon 

As one of us 

Outside he is no different 

From the one he is not 


Beyond the world we know 

And what we suppose 

Not even he truly knows 

The real threat 

Lies within 


Accused as a danger 

To humanity 

No! I can’t believe it 

This can’t be happening 

I must prove that I’m a victim 

Of what they’ve failed to see 

I must prove that I’m a victim 

Of some crazy scheme 


Beyond the world we know 

And what we suppose 

Not even he truly knows 

Beyond the world we see 

And what we believe 

There is a possibility 

The real threat 

Lies within 


It’s not the world we know 

It’s what we have done 

Refusing to live this life as one 

It’s not the world I see 

How could it be me? 

Please tell me that this is just a dream 

If I’m not me… 

Then I must be…. 

LYRICS: Mike Mantecon, Audun Liland

VOCALS: Audun Liland

DRUMS: Daniele Crisafulli

BASS: Marco Scippacercola

GUITARS: Marco Germani

KEYS/SYNTHS: Stefano Bonatti

PRODUCTION: Marco Germani, Audun Liland

MIXING: Marco Germani

MASTERING: Marco Germani

ARTWORK: The Invisible Presence

CORE IMAGES: Greyson Joralemon, Alex Jodoin & Delfi de la Rua


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